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Ode to Fashion Week LA Struts its Way into the Los Angeles Fashion Week Scene

LOS ANGELES (August 15, 2017) – This October, Los Angeles Fashion Week introduce a new production: Ode to Fashion Week LA. Ode to Fashion Week LA will make a statement that will solidify them as a must watch for Fashion Week LA. Ode to Fashion Week LA will showcase established designers as well as new and emerging talent. This show will bring more life to brands you have yet to encounter.

“Ode to Fashion Week LA is not just about the name. it’s a platform to display your talents to amongst your peers. It is an opportunity to inspire and be admired,” explains Ode to Fashion Creator /Owner Danielle Tavia.

Established Fashion Stylist/Creative Director Danielle Tavia is at the helm of the Ode to fashion Week LA production. Danielle Tavia has creatively directed and produced more than 30 fashion line showings at October 2017 Fashion Week LA. Danielle Tavia put together an amazing team of Stylist, Marketers, and Public Relations professionals for Ode to fashion week LA to ensure that your brands will get the Showcase it deserves..

Ode to Fashion Week LA gives brands the platform to flourish. Allow your talent to speak louder to the fashion industry. Let your brand speak volumes as you engage the stage.

Ode to Fashion Week LA will be featuring the F/W 2018 collections from designers of all backgrounds and styles. Ode to Fashion Week LA is where inclusivity meets Exclusivity. Come and join our movement.

For more information visit www.odetofashion.style and connect with them on Instagram @odetofashionweekla.

Ode to Fashion Week Staff

10.10.17 5pm for red carpet; 7 pm for show,
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